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Looking for a new, stimulating career?

Let’s just be real, do you want to GET PAID MORE?

Do you feel like you’re not being paid what you’re really worth?

Do you want to feel more connected with your work colleagues?

Do you wish your schedule was a little more flexible, to make time for the things that matter to you?

If you said yes to any of the above, we just might have a solution for you.


Apply to join our team if you want to:

✅ Live out a life of getting paid well above what you thought was average 

✅ Be part of a team culture that feels like your best friends and family and makes you excited to get up and go work every day

✅ Do meaningful work by guiding people on the best healthcare options, and helping others daily

If you have a background in these fields, we would love to hear from you:

Healthcare & Allied Health

Fitness Industry

Fast Food / Hospitality Service

Ride Share Platforms

Thinking of a better career option where you can be of real help to others?

The job market post-pandemic is tough. 

You’re either not paid your worth or struggle with traditional, boring corporate cultures. Worse, you may feel like you’re in dead end job with no progress, no growth and no path to move in any direction.

If you’re deciding between quitting the 9-to-5 scene and moving into something more flexible but also rewarding, we are looking for self-motivated individuals who can join our team.

At USHEALTH Advisors, we work to serve people who are looking for affordable and quality health insurance options.

Our Downtown St Pete is made up of a diverse group of people who do just that and more. We’re all about learning, growing and building a tribe.

As a health insurance advisor with our team, here’s what you can expect to get:

  • Dedicated training by top producers in the company
  • All training and resources provided
  • Testing industry forward strategies for sales
  • Daily outreach to prospects to help educate, inform and place them with appropriate healthcare plans
  • Leaders ready to help, motivate and encourage for both personal and professional development

This position is open to anyone in the St. Pete/Clearwater island who wants to make it on their own without the hassle of starting a business from scratch. It’s the best of both worlds.

Join us today.

This Could Be You

Our team in St. Petersburg, FL is growing! We’re looking for motivated individuals who make it their mission to match customers with the best healthcare plans that meet their specific needs.

What does this mean for you as a future health insurance advisor with USHEALTH Advisors?

Everyone has access to a health insurance advisor to guide their research and decision-making process.

What does this mean for you as a future health insurance agent / health insurance advisor-navigator with USHEALTH Advisors?

It means: “Do you have what it takes to offer a unique standpoint to HELP others?”

Here are some qualities we’re looking for in potential candidates:

Hard working


Dedicated to improving

Open to learning new things

Has fundamental knowledge of computer skills and likes exploring new software

Enjoys communicating with a diverse group of people

Consulting style sales skills

Is this you?

If yes, fantastic! We’re excited to chat with you. Book your interview slot in the Calendly box below.


Okay, but do I qualify? Plus other questions going through your mind now…

Is this position open to all US Citizens?

You will definitely have to be a US Citizen to apply, however, we are currently limiting applications to those living in Clearwater and St. Pete. No other limitations.

Do I need to have prior experience?

No prior experience required. All training will be provided. You’ll have to be dedicated to learning and be willing to take 2-5 license. All course materials will be provided to you for self-study.

Is this a remote working position?

Unfortunately, not just yet. This role is for in-person work only at our office which is located at 5959 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL 33710, US. Open to flexible location and remote working AFTER satisfactory training period, based on performance.

How will I get paid?

As a healthcare advisor, you will have a 1099 contract and will be paid via commission only. Commissions are paid out weekly and monthly via direct deposit. You are also eligible for a quarterly bonus. Additionally there are annual performance bonuses and daily and weekly office bonuses.  As mentioned above, all training will be provided for you to learn towards achieving your preferred income ceiling.

On average, with a commited mindset, the average successful agent earns 50k+ in first year and 100k+ in second year. 

When do you need me to start?

We’re looking for inviduals to join us all year round. Let’s chat to find out how soon you are able to start – immediately or within two weeks notice periods are ideal.

Have more questions?

Book a call with me, I’ll be more than happy to discuss your expectations and share more about the role:

To learn more about our day-to-day culture at the office, check out the office Instagram page:

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