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It’s Time to Secure the
Best Health Insurance Plan

Three easy steps:

1) Book Your 15-Minute Consultation
2) We’ll Review Your Policy Together
3) Relax with Lifetime Concierge Service

Do you know you need better health insurance but have no idea where to start?

When it comes to health insurance, perhaps you are…


  • Lost in the lingo of deductibles and copays with no clarity on how to pick the right health insurance plan
  • Exasperated paying your high health insurance premiums every month
  • Annoyed that you don’t use your health insurance enough because you are healthy but still know you need to have quality healthcare coverage in place, in case of emergencies?
  • Confused about what to do for steady and reliable healthcare benefits as your career situation changes and evolves?
  • Tried health insurance alternatives but it just hasn’t… been up to par with the quality that you were expecting?
  • Avoiding seeking care altogether because medical bills feel scary and unpredictable

Here’s What You Should Know:

Everyone has access to a health insurance advisor who can guide their research and decision-making process.

You might have fallen deep and hard into the Google rabbit hole only to find yourself scrambling to get out, buried by the bombardment of agent telemarketing calls.

So then that begs the question: “How do I find that professional advisor who will help me??”

I get it, I really do.

This Could Be You

Check out some of the female founders who I’ve worked with.

This is what they have to say about working with me for their health insurance.


Okay, but what about fees? And all the other questions going through your head right now…

What is a health insurance advisor?

A health insurance advisor is a licensed professional who can help you research, purchase, set up, and manage your health insurance experience. I research, educate and advise you on your perfect plan selection to help you lower your risk and make informed choices.

Why do I need a health insurance advisor?

Technically, you don’t. But, just like you wouldn’t attempt surgery on yourself, I don’t recommend navigating this world on your own. I specialize in medically underwritten policies and the plans I have access to are NOT available on the open market. Working with a professional really helps to draw out your best options. 

Who do you typically work with?

I work with professionals across all industries. Most of my experience is working with the self-employed, freelancer and 1099 community. I also offer solutions to COBRA plans.

Is there a fee for working with you?

Effective Sept 1, 2023: All consultations are $30USD, due at time of booking and non-refundable. Health insurance is something that is different for everyone so I can’t share exactly how much your plan will cost right here on this web page. Premiums are estimated and shared on our 15-minute consultation call. If we are a good fit to work together, it’s only a one-time $300USD to go over your policy in depth, sign up, and onboard. After that, you have my concierge services for the life of your plan. 

For small business owners getting health insurance for teams- 4 or more policies locks you in at $1000USD for whole team.

More than 10 team members, contact for custom pricing.

What can I expect while working with you?

My goal is to be straightforward and transparent. Based on your unique healthcare needs and your situation, I will recommend plans and offer rationale for my recommendation. It starts with a , 15-minute consultation. Based on this information, I will then review a proposed plan. From there, I will help you apply, get approved and onboarded. Once you have the policy, you also have my support for the life of your policy.

What is included in my coverage?

Depends on your policy, but we will pick a plan that offers coverage for the things that are most important to you for your healthcare.

How are you different from getting a free quote online from a random website?

When you submit your information online requesting quotes for health insurance, there are agents at the ready vying for your business. You will most definitely get bombarded with calls from hundreds of agents. When you work with me, you are working with a single, most qualified agent, with a medical background and 5+ years of experience in healthinsurance industry, with no capitalist agendas and distractions.

What happens if my insurance application isn’t approved?

You are my #1 priority and if the insurance application isn’t approved, I will continue working with you and work towards our Plan B and Plan C options.

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