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Your Concierge Health
Insurance Advisor

Helping growth phase entrepreneurs access quality health insurance plans all year long.

Dr. Noor Ali

Noor Ali, MD, MPH, CPH

Licensed Physician and Surgeon, BMDC

Master in Public Health, USF

Graduate Certificate In Infection Control, USF

Certified Professional in Public Health, NBPHE

Licensed Life, Health & Annuities Professional, FLDFS

As a medical doctor and surgeon with a clinical background, I have seen and heard first hand the issues people face with health insurance plans. It was through these experiences and my unique inside lens, that I KNEW I could help people understand medical insurance and find better solutions for their healthcare coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a health insurance advisor?

A health insurance advisor is a licensed professional who can help you research, buy, set up, and manage your health insurance experience. It is our job to educate and advise you on your plan selection to help you lower your risk and make informed choices.

Who do you typically work with?

Whether single, married, or families, I primarily work with those who are self-employed (1099), entrepreneurs, freelance contracted individuals as well as those facing expensive COBRA options. I work with professionals across all industries.

Is there a fee for working with you?

NO. Working with me is free to you. The insurance companies pay agents, so there’s no charge to you for my services. Prices are regulated by the respective state department of insurance.

What can I expect while working with you?

My goal is to be straightforward and transparent. Based on your unique healthcare needs and your situation, I will recommend different healthcare plan paths and explain the reasoning behind my recommendation. It starts with a short, 15-minute consultation to speak about your current coverage and needs. Based on this information, I will then thoroughly review a recommended plan that would best fit via a virtual screen sharing call. From there, I will help you apply and get all your questions answered during your insurance onboarding.

Why do I need a health insurance advisor?

You can attempt to figure out a plan on your own too, but I have found that consulting with a licensed professional like myself really helps draw out options! I specialize in medically underwritten policies. The plans I have access to are not available on the open market. You would need to work with an advisor in order to find and apply for these best plans.



Tell me about your current situation.
I’m confident I can find you the right insurance plan.

Tell me about your
current situation.
I’m confident I can
find you the right
insurance plan.