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Why I Transitioned My Toddler Son from the Crib to a Queen Bed & Why You Should Too

by | Apr 25, 2022 | Articles, Lifestyle | 0 comments

My son is 2 years old as I write this. And he just transitioned from sleeping in the crib to sleeping on a bed.

2 years old – it’s that awful tantrum-y time where he is heavenly and beautiful and perfect one moment and screaming bloody murder on the floor the next. 

When he was born, my husband and I went through the decision-making process of which crib to get. As first time parents, it was a lot of over-research and fussing over the research-backed details of the crib mechanics. You know what I mean, right?

Then his growth spurt started and the crib became too small, too soon. We weren’t ready for it.

Side note: All the emotions as a mother watching your child grow!

Initial discussion with fellow parents and advice from elders told us that we should move him from a crib to a child-friendly toddler appropriate bed.

After considering the cost of re-doing the nursery, maintaining his sleep training and the sheer busyness of our lives, we thought, wait a minute, can’t we just skip the mini children-sized bed and jump to queen-size instead?

Yes, we can.

And we did.

Why I decided to jump from crib to queen size bed for my toddler (and why you should do the same) 

When doing my research for this developmental stage, I did what every mother does and went down the google rabbit hole.

Naturally, one of the most popular things I looked for as a mother is the Montessori way of doing things. In some of the reading I did, it talked about the things around the bed instead of focusing on the bed.

This made me realize that I don’t have to have a typical crib for my child. The whole idea of the age he is in right now is for him to be able to explore, and a queen-sized bed gives him the ability to do just this.

I also read about how I should make my son’s room his space, instead of just focusing on the actual bed he needs to sleep in. I learned about adding some personal touches from this article that really made me see and do things from a different perspective.

The articles I read promoted the independence I wanted to continue nurturing in my son. What was also very important to me was keeping his sleep training intact. 

Learn all about sleep training from @sleepmylittleone

The final look!

When I understood the design and layout I wanted, I figured the size of the bed was just a matter of preference. Why not jump right to a low queen bed, where I can squeeze in and read him a bedtime story?

I worked with my designer at Havenly.com and we came up with something beautiful!

What was my son’s reaction to his new bed? He loved it! He seemed ready for it so there wasn’t much of a transition for my toddler to do. What really helped was getting him involved in the transition! He had fun watching us make the change and picking out things for his new space.

Once he “moved in”, we let him explore his little area and get used to it, picking out his favorite things and, well, some not-so-favorite things. Part and parcel of being a parent is to let your child explore and learn things independently, too.

The focus of this crib to queen-sized bed transition is my son’s growth and development, not anything else. We wanted a space for him to develop and we’re so proud to see how he’s fit just right in! Having this mindset really helped make the transition work for my toddler.

Here’s to more parent-child experiences for all of us. Let me know if you have any questions in the comment section below.

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Here’s to making your life even easier. Here are some additional recommendations for you to easily put together your toddler’s queen-sized bed:

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