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Covid-19 Has Changed Healthcare: Health Insurance Plan Must-Haves In The New Normal

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Ah, the Covid-19 pandemic. Crudely, our modern day Plague. 

It’s made us really take a whole new look at the world, the way we work, the way we live and the way we think about healthcare.

Gone are the days when we rushed to the nearest hospital without a second thought for a cut, scrape or pain. We first consider the option of virtual care. We think twice about exposure to pandemic level air-borne viruses. 

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When it comes to health insurance plans, we have also changed our perspective. 

While employers in the US have started to reduce the quality and increase the prices of healthcare for their employees, I’m here to talk about what small business owners, creative freelancers or solopreneurs need to think about when getting new health insurance plans.

3 Must-Haves in Your Health Insurance Plan, Post-Pandemic

1. Covid-19 or other catastrophic illness coverage or pandemic coverage

There is a spectrum of COVID symptoms and related illnesses. From mild two-day flu-like symptoms to ICU admissions and even death.

How does your health insurance plan offer coverage and protection in those scenarios and everything in between? Do you need extra coverage for medical expenses when you travel and end up getting COVID overseas? Will any illnesses that you bring back, say from the effects of long COVID be covered?

2. The option for virtual care for medical services

Sometimes (most times) it’s just not an option to waste a whole day waiting in a doctor’s office; especially for a 15 day visit. 

And sometimes, we’re so sick that we can’t even head to the doctor’s office.

What then?

If there’s anything many of us are grateful for, it’s the accelerated introduction of virtual care that happened during the pandemic. This has now become a thing in the “new normal”. Post-pandemic, getting care at home is even preferred and virtual care is sought after first.

The question you need to ask and check is if your health insurance plan offers benefits for virtual care. If you don’t know, schedule a call so I can check for you. You should also make use of open enrollment season to review what you have, check out newer and better options and make the switch to something that benefits you!

However, keep in mind that health insurance plans are sold all year around. You do not have to wait for open enrollment to make changes to your health plan, if it’s simply not offering the coverage you need! 

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3. Benefits for mental and behavioral health

The importance of mental health is surfacing post pandemic. Stress, depression, anxiety have all become magnified issues that even U.S. Employers need to identify and provide health benefits for.

Mental health care can look like many things: therapy, counseling, psychiatric evaluations, massages, gym memberships and even fitness technology. Find out which one you need, what benefits different health insurance plans offer and take advantage of them.

What we needed yesterday is not the same as today. In this pandemic age, we see our health needs changing. Considering this, review all your options wisely. Ask as many questions as you have and make sure these are addressed before you make your final decision.

Need more help evaluating your options for your new or existing health insurance plan?

My name is Dr. Noor. I’m a medical doctor, certified public health professional and licensed health insurance professional. I can do all your research for you and make the best fit recommendation.

Book your consultation appointment with me today to get started on your health insurance plan quotes.

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