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Hi, I’m Dr. Noor Ali

Medical Doctor Turned Health Insurance Expert

I have a knack for taking really tough, dry and convoluted concepts and making it presentable, digestible, and honestly, kind of fun to learn!

So I take that skill and apply it to the health insurance industry – a really complex space.

Once I realized I can take my deep medical background and combine it with this skill, I knew that I could make an impact in health insurance decision-making. Especially for the general population who is foreign to the bureaucracy of the healthcare industry.

I want to help you not only understand, but to leverage your unique position in your life and business to gain access to health insurance plans that actually serve you. And, if we’re being honest, not feel like you’re signing up for a “scam”.

“Noor left me feeling much more confident in my decisions when it came to choosing insurance coverage now and in the future.”

Noor is such an incredible resource for small business owners. She’s knowledgeable, kind, and she answered all my questions!

– Haley Johnson, Propegy Consulting –

Interesting Things About Me that I Want to Share with You

I still practice medicine! I received my medical education and training from my native country, Bangladesh. And I still volunteer my time and services every chance I get. Check out my active medical and surgical practitioner license here. You’ll find me under my maiden name Noor Afsa Zaman. Type 68976 for registration no.

I developed the “Better Health for Better Life” project showcased by the United Nation. I transformed the concept from just an idea I had at a coffee shop to an international, award-winning community project showcased by the United Nations at the June 2014 world summit in NYC. Here are some highlights of that project.

I’ve conducted award-winning research in the field of graduate student infertility published in The Journal of American College Health. As a stage 4 endometriosis patient, fertility has been a struggle my whole life. I was both a researcher and participant in this study exploring infertility in graduate students. Check out my award-winning work “Suffering in Silence” published in The Journal of American College Health.

I’m currently crowd-funding for the first guidebook for foreign medical doctors seeking a career in health insurance. As a woman of the immigrant South Asian diaspora, social and career stigmas are deeply embedded into my culture and upbringing. So as a self-motivated medical doctor (no parental pressure here) I pivoted from a clinical to an entrepreneurial career path and want to show others that it’s not only possible, but should be encouraged. Support that project here.

I love to read! I will read absolutely anything. It started from reading signs from a rickshaw, riding through the streets of Dhaka, evolved to cereal boxes at breakfast and now I hungrily consume books through my kindle and paperbacks any chance I get!

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A place where female founders go to get affordable healthcare coverage

Get to Know Your Health Insurance Advisor Dr. Noor 

Tired of picking a random health insurance plan with the lowest premium and hoping it actually covers you when you need it to?

Feeling frustrated every year when it comes time to make a decision on healthcare because of unpredictable income? 

It’s hard to feel confident (let alone, competent) when trying to choose the RIGHT health insurance plan.

For the high-income earning professionals, self-employed and small business owners, sometimes it can feel like a health insurance premium is a “punishment” for climbing business revenues. 

So, how do we balance high-quality healthcare coverage while taking income out of the equation? 

That’s where I come in with my expertise and come up with creative solutions. 

I can make it easier by pointing you in the right direction, seal the offer with my stamp of approval, and only recommend the health plans I’d put my name behind. 

Have a burning health insurance plan question? Not sure what’s the best fit for you and your current plus future situations? Let’s chat.

On a 15-minute consultation call, we will discuss what is going on right now with your health insurance.

I will do a simple evaluation, share your options with quotes and make the best fit recommendation based on my assessment. So, are you ready to chat?

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