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About Me

How would you describe yourself?

Passionate and strong-willed mother, doctor, researcher, entrepreneur, and champion of women in science who want it all.

What do you do?

I help you identify your best-fit health insurance plan, and then get set up in a really simple and seamless experience. I work with leaders across all industries. More and more, I am working with those who have employer coverage but realize it may not be the best option. I love working with female founders because well… I get it!

Are you really a medical doctor?

Yes! I am a medical doctor and surgeon, check out my active medical and surgical practitioner license here. You’ll find me under my maiden name Noor Afsa Zaman. Type 68976 for registration no.

What is your biggest accomplishment?

Developing the “Better Health for Better Life” project from an idea at a coffee table to an international award-winning community project showcased by the United Nations at the June 2014 world summit in NYC. Here are some highlights of that project. More recently, my award-winning research in the field of graduate student infertility was published in The Journal of American College Health.

What made you stop practicing medicine?

Nothing, I am still an actively licensed doctor! I consult with patients almost daily through technology. It keeps my clinical eye sharp. My medical practice is entirely voluntary and my patients are almost exclusively in the underserved regions of the world, so my business funds my passions. I travel overseas to volunteer my time and service, medically.

How do you stand out in your field?

By being a medical doctor that stands up for the “patient/consumer” as they navigate their health insurance benefits. I would say my advanced educational background and committment to continuing education makes me a highly qualified candidate to help you choose your health insurance plan. There aren’t many medical professionals in the health insurance field; I find that I have the perspective of a unique insider’s lens.

I also don’t come across many Bengali entrepreneurs. Had an interesting podcasts with a couple…but if you’re like me, I would love to connect!

Do you only work with doctors and lawyers?

Absolutely not! I can and do and will work with anyone. I find that I can build deeper connections with those with shared values of higher education, motherhood and also shared challenges of women in business leadership.

What made you go into health insurance?

The seed was definitely “incepted” in my head by an infographic I would pass by every day on an office bulletin board. The graphic portrayed the relationship between a health insurance company, a provider, and a patient. The insurance company would always win. The provider would make out so-so but the patient would always end up losing. So I thought, “Someone has to stick up for that stick figure little guy! So I learned and took all the tests I needed to understand this industry and help guide others to make more informed decisions about their health insurance.

What else are you working on right now outside of health insurance?

Aside from research and publication on topics I am highly passionate (read my latest research on infertility here), I am working on crowd-funding for writing the first guide book for foreign medical doctors seeking an alternative lucrative career in health insurance. So far it’s looking like this: The Med-pre-NOOR: How to Go from a failed career in medicine to a successful career in health insurance. You can support that project here.

What would you say to prospective clients checking out your website right now?

Reach out to me! Even if you don’t know why. Worst case, we will have a wonderful conversation and you will walk away knowing a little bit more about health insurance than you did before and you’ll have an enthusiastic friend in the medical and health insurance industry. Best case, I can introduce you to a world of options you had no idea about! Book a call here.

Why should I trust and work with you?

Well, first because I’m a doctor! I also have a master’s degree in Public Health  and I am a certified public health professional specializing in global health. So, not only do I know the scientific and systematic level of healthcare delivery systems all over the world, I have personally dealt with both polar extremes of the Socio-economic spectrum. So, I do not have a biased agenda.

My goal is to use my deep understanding of health systems to leverage the best solution for you. I actively treat and advise both the bottom 10% and the top 10% of the population. I have learned that both sides of the coin crave and deserve representation.

What are the most common things you hear on a regular basis?

  • “I’m too healthy to be paying this much for health insurance.”
  • “I want to offer some type of health benefit for my team, but don’t know where to start.”
  • “I hardly even use my health insurance, I just need it for catastrophic events.”
  • “I never meet my deductible.”
  • “I hate my plan, it’s so hard to see a dermatologist or any kind of specialist.”
  • “My benefits changed due to COVID, is COBRA the only option?”
  • “My income goes up and down, I need a reliable health insurance plan.”
  • “I’ve always had employer coverage but just started my own company, what do I do about health insurance?”
  • “Why is healthcare so expensive?”

Okay, what are your fees?

All consultations calls are free of charge. If I am able to help you get on a plan that is lower in premium, better in coverage, or hopefully both, you only pay a one time fee of $100. This fee is for my professional services of researching all plans, identifying best fit and concierge 24/7 service for the life of your health insurance policy.

How can I reach you?

The best, most effective way for us to get in touch is through a FREE 15 minute consult call. 

How do you do it all?

Organization, compartmentalization, and mindfulness for the task at hand
(not multi-tasking!).

I am fiercely protective of my time. When I connect with you, you will have my full undivided attention.

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