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Episode 201 with Dr. Noor Ali – Understanding the Current State of Healthcare in America from Health Insurance, Vaccinations and Public Health and Breaking Down Medicare for All

Episode Description: Dr. Noor Ali is a Bangladeshi- American medical doctor and surgeon on a mission to help the middle man when it comes to health insurance! Dr. Noor speaks for the self-employed individuals and families who need affordable yet quality healthcare yet fall into the abyss of over-priced, under-whelming coverage options. She currently lives in Tampa, Florida with her husband and son. As a new mom with a baby born into the Corona-era, she’s had to learn to master momming and being a high performing worker at all her professional roles, all from the awkward space of nursing bras under satin blouses and pajama bottoms.

In this episode, we answer questions all Americans have about healthcare in America:

  • Why is health insurance so expensive?
  • what can I do to lower my costs?
  • What exactly is universal health care and how does it benefit me?
  • What’s up with the Covid vaccine?
  • Should I get the Covid vaccine?
  • What is the spectrum of public health and social justice in America?

If you have a question about about YOUR HEALTH INSURANCE PLAN and want to ask Dr. Noor, you can do so here.

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