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Episode 201 with Dr. Noor Ali – Understanding the Current State of Health Insurance, Vaccinations and Public Health and Breaking Down Medicare for All

Episode Description: Dr. Noor Ali is a Bangladeshi- American medical doctor and surgeon on a mission to help the middle man when it comes to health insurance! Dr. Noor speaks for the self-employed individuals and families who need affordable yet quality healthcare yet fall into the abyss of over-priced, under-whelming coverage options. She currently lives in Tampa, Florida with her husband and son. As a new mom with a baby born into the Corona-era, she’s had to learn to master momming and being a high performing worker at all her professional roles, all from the awkward space of nursing bras under satin blouses and pajama bottoms. Check her out on LinkedIN and Instagram @drnoor_health

In this episode with Dr. D, we answer questions all Americans have:

  • Why is health insurance so expensive?
  • what can I do to lower my costs?
  • What exactly is universal health care and how does it benefit me?
  • What’s up with the Covid vaccine?
  • Should I get the Covid vaccine?
  • What is the spectrum of public health and social justice in America?

If you have a question about about YOUR HEALTH INSURANCE PLAN and want to ask Dr. Noor, you can do so for free here.