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Helping Brands Aesthetically Elevate on Social Media Featuring Sierra Sanchez

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Sierra Sanchez, founder and owner of Modern Stripes Studio, knows how tough it is for small business owners to juggle everything from administrative to sales tasks.

She started her career in startups after her graduation. She’s juggled tasks in public relations, broadcasting and sales. She knows what it takes to think outside the box and combine hard and soft skills. After a year of freelancing as a social media editor, she decided to set up her marketing studio, helping brands of all sizes humanize and communicate better.

In this article, Sierra shares some of the lessons she has after helping numerous clients with social media and branding juxtaposed with the corporate methodology of workflow. She also shares how her mysterious relationship with healthcare has improved with proper knowledge transfer.

Social Media Plays A Key Role in Business Building

Starting a business, no matter what your industry is a rocky incline. We are all met with a standard of administrative hurdles, impossible tasks like client acquisition and happiness to balance. On top of all this, businesses need to focus on marketing as well. And marketing is no longer just posting advertisements on billboards or magazines, it’s become more hands-on and competitive. Moreover, if your brand does not have a digital presence, is it even real?

At this time, the social media industry is teetering upon being a luxury list item and an essential role at any company. That being said, business owners have to judge how much they’d like to invest in showcasing their brand publicly and that is a very personal thing to each business. Not to mention, the cost of a social media presence of a brand!

According to Sierra, the one thing that is the most important in social media is to be authentic! Followers can smell if you are trying to actually talk to them or if you are just treating them as a number. Be you! Be authentic! Share your best images, ideas, and inspiration. Let your followers know you.

Your social media presence is like your social resume. It’s a visual representation of who you are and what you care about. Let your true self shine through and your clients will feel your authenticity, says Sierra.

Building a social media presence can sure feel like a full-time job. Sierra has learned how to juggle her clients by optimizing her way of work to ensure all her clients get the best marketing assets that are aligned with their brand value.

Having done this for years now, Sierra knows that it takes much more than just marketing to make a business run like a well-oiled machine. One of those things is to be disciplined with time management and to ensure enough time is dedicated to self-care and taking care of things like insurance in case of rainy days.

Connect With The Right People For Clarity

When Sierra transitioned from a cushy corporate job into the self-employed world, the whole health insurance scenario gave her a headache. She never understood what certain terminology meant. She could never tell if her deductible or her monthly payment was too high or if the coverage was enough.

Sierra Sanchez

Looking for someone to help brand your business better and look phenomenal on social media? 

Find out how Sierra can help you via her Modern Stripes Studio. 

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