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Open Enrollment Season: 5 Health Insurance Tips To Look Out For as a Freelancer

by | Dec 8, 2022 | Articles, Health Insurance | 0 comments

Open Enrollment season in the United States happens every year.

Typically, open enrollment happens between November to December. For exact dates, check your employer’s HR contact, respective state or insurance provider’s website in case of any differences where you are.

Every year, I help new clients assess what they need. I also help my existing clients evaluate their health insurance needs. They either stick to what they have or make the necessary update during the open enrollment season.

Every year, I also try to reach out and help freelancers who are often lost and confused about how they can get and use health insurance plans. 

In an effort to keep this going, here’s a list of tips to look out for as a freelancer who just needs the best health insurance plan. 

5 tips for freelancers looking for health insurance plans during open enrollment season

Tip 1: Don’t Wait

Don’t wait until the last minute to evaluate and make a decision. Open enrollment can be different depending on the market that you are shopping in for health insurance, but traditionally the ACA public healthcare marketplace happens in November and December. 

It’s a crazy time of the year as all companies are wrapping up and heading into the holiday season. Waiting until the last minute is the WORST thing you can do because if you feel rushed or forced into a decision you don’t 100% feel comfortable with, you might face buyer’s remorse.

Tip 2: Plan Your Income

Depending on where you are sourcing your health insurance plan, income might have a lot to do with your health insurance premiums. Prepare or forecast your approximate income for this year, and estimate income for the following year. 

Ask yourself, am I going to make about the same? Less than last year or are there plans for big expansion? 

Tip 3: Know Your Situation(s)

Evaluate your usage of health insurance for this year and how much you plan to use/need next year. Health insurance is something that needs to be evaluated and updated with updates in your life situation. 

So take a look at your usage last year and ask yourself: Did I meet my deductible? Will I have major surgery next year and do I need to adjust my policy coverage?

Tip 4: Look at the Coverage

Identify key coverage needs. Take a look at every covered member in your family. Are some of their needs for healthcare different from yours? If so, consider separate policies with relevant coverages and limitations. 

Do you also have to take into consideration health insurance if you grow your team? How much should you budget? How much of the premiums can you afford to sponsor? Plan ahead.

Health insurance for remote teams should be considered differently than health insurance for local employees. 

Tip 5: Get Help

Use a health insurance advisor. IT’S FREE! Working with someone like me who is very experienced and well versed in both the healthcare and health insurance industry can give the quality advice and peace of mind you need to feel confident about your decision.  

I offer 15 minute consultations for ANY health insurance situation that you may have. Got a tough situation? I can SOLVE it in 15 minutes.

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