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Talking About My Roots, Struggles & Successes

by | Sep 10, 2021 | Articles, Podcasts | 0 comments

I came across Mahmud on matchmaker.fm as he was looking for guests for his recently launched show. I immediately gravitated towards his young age, smiling demeanor and entrepreneurial spirit. So far, Mahmud is the first and only Bengali entrepreneur I have met out of Bangladesh and I was so eager to be a part of his show!

After the show, Mahmud offered his services to me to help me with a branding framework initiative to help my brand grow. 

In this episode of “Plays by Mahmud” Mahmud and I talk about:

  • Bengali entrepreneurial stereotypes
  • My top 3 Values: Education, Love, and Service
  • Education is no longer just institutionalized and is important to adapt as the world changes
  • Difference between education and learning
  • Giving free consultation or no charge to share your knowledge
  • The difference between Bangladesh and U.S. healthcare system
  • Challenges as an entrepreneur
  • Importance of Cold Calling in sales
  • Always be a reader and a listener

Remember what you have learned and apply the knowledge.

If you enjoyed listening to this episode, schedule a free chat with me to discuss your health insurance needs.

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