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Thinking Upgrade: Unlocking Your Mindset Potential to Accelerate Your Success in Business & in Life

by | Mar 16, 2022 | Articles, Podcasts | 0 comments

Kim reached out to me when she reviewed my profile and professional accomplishments on LinkedIn. I am very very familiar with the work that she does, as I am a student of NLP or Neuro linguistic coaching myself. 

What I loved about Kim was the way she presented and marketed herself and the tremendous results she brought for her clients. 

Only after our chat did I realize why Kim and I magnetized with each other. It was the RESULTS of NLP and the way we both live our lives with the intention and the principles of mindset that serve us and take us to the next level.

In this episode, we also discussed:

  • What is my business practice
  • What makes me different 
  • What’s been my biggest struggle
  • What’s the biggest thing that I consider as the key to success
  • How has mindset played everything what I’m doing
  • How do I maintain a business and keep my clients happy and be a mom and at the same time be present for my son which is my ultimate goal.
  • How can I be more focused or how can I be more consistent and get rid of all distractions
  • TIPS: Think, meditate, reflect, plan and understand who you are, what are you trying to do, what is your purpose and where are you trying to go.

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