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Want to Start Freelancing? Why Health Insurance Shouldn’t Stop You From Quitting Your Day Job

by | Dec 16, 2022 | Articles, Health Insurance, Podcasts | 0 comments

Thinking about quitting your job and starting a freelancing career?

It’s possible to do this! Make more money, live a deeply fulfilling life doing what you love.

I know, though, that many struggle to make that transformation because of health insurance. If you want to quit your job, but you’re worried about what to do for health insurance, this is the episode for you.

I spoke about just this on the podcast “Quit Your Job, Sis” with Lindsay Hanson. 

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If you’re wondering how to navigate the world of health insurance as an online business owner, this episode is for you!

In this episode, I demystify the process of choosing a health plan, and offer tips on how to get the most out of your coverage. I share what to look for in a plan, common mistakes people make, and how to find the right balance of coverage versus cost.

Ready to quit your job and start freelancing?

Ready to quit your job, but worried about health insurance? Did you know there are AFFORDABLE options available to freelancers and entrepreneurs?

With open enrollment season, this is the time for you to start making decisions about how health insurance can HELP you make the switch. Find out what your best fit health insurance plan is to support you on your entrepreneurial journey. Instead of being the one thing that STOPS you from jumping from working for others versus working for yourself.

I’ll be real – health insurance is a pain for a lot of entrepreneurs.

To help you break it down and make it more comprehensible, I’d talk about some important things you should be aware of on the podcast.

  1. The difference between public and private health insurance marketplaces
  1. How to properly DIY your health insurance shopping and why working with a health expert is helpful
  1. What you need to know about the open enrollment period
  1. How do you choose the right health insurance plan for you and your family?
  1. How to know how much you’re really paying for healthcare
  1. The difference between an employer-sponsored plan and an individual plan
  1. My top tips for those who want to work for themselves, but feel stuck

Unsure if you’re ready to start freelancing? Health insurance holding you back. Talk to a health insurance advisor. Working with someone like me who is very experienced and well versed in both the healthcare and health insurance industry can give the quality advice and peace of mind you need to feel confident about your decision.  

I offer 15 minute consultations for ANY health insurance situation that you may have. Got a tough situation? I can SOLVE it in 15 minutes.

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