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Are You a CEO? Do You Take a CEO Day?

by | Apr 19, 2023 | Articles, Lifestyle | 0 comments

Okay, what’s a CEO day?

It’s a regular day off I take to nurture my soul and do the things that bring me joy.

The keyword here is REGULAR. This break must be routine, in order to have the impact of true replenishment. 

This is very different from a vacation, which is designed from long period of burnout, and require funds and planning.

The regular CEO day is built into my schedule. It honors my need to rest and fill my soul with the things that make me happy. 

It also doesn’t make me feel like I NEED a vacation from my life. I have period of rest and relaxation BUILT INTO my life!

Some elements that I MUST HAVE when I take a CEO Day for myself:

  1. Planning, Journaling, coffee
  2. Hair/nails/massage
  3. Slow skincare
  4. Reading fiction
  5. Spending quality time for my son

It took me a long time to build this into my routine without feeling guilty about all the WORK I could be doing during my CEO day, but choose not to do.

Having this day really feels energizing and truly charges my battery.

Do you have a CEO day? What do you do? What would you do if you gave yourself permission to enjoy it?

Think deeply about the things that make you happy, and then build a day into your schedule doing those things!

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