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Creating Illustrations & Content For the Cannabis Industry Featuring Alaina Dorsey

by | Oct 11, 2021 | Articles, Fempreneur Series, Health Insurance | 0 comments

Alaina Dorsey is her own muse when it comes to creating content for her clients in the cannabis industry. She is a content marketing professional dedicated to illustrating art projects for a market that has gained tremendous popularity in recent years – as of 2020, more than 30 states in the US have already approved the use of medical marijuana

Through her company Creative Ether, LLC, Alaina helps brands stand tall and draw in ideal buyers with distinct, gutsy messaging and visuals. Throughout her journey, she has learned many valuable lessons that have made her a stronger and more successful freelancer. In this article, she shares some of these tips for other budding illustrators, regardless of industry. She also briefly explains her thoughts about health insurance.

Learning not to sell yourself short

The major pain point as a content marketing professional in the legal marijuana space is differentiation and knowing how much to help small businesses. Alaina found it hard to look for a support system as she grew her business. As it goes with business, Alaina wanted a solvent cash flow and to feel like she was making a difference with her services. She was definitely selling herself short in the beginning but has started learning the ins and outs of entrepreneurship; a major hurdle for any freelancer looking to win in the Green Rush.

Alaina feels like being a Black woman has led to certain opportunities; the biggest challenge that she – and many people typically – has is conquering her own mindset. Fortunately, the creative process she goes through helps her overcome her mental blocks and she continues to create wonderful illustrations for her clients.

Other valuable lessons learned along the way

For other illustrators who want to build their own practice, Alaina shares that one should learn how to solve big business problems first. Learn how to position yourself and price your work accordingly, too. It’s important to understand the impact your work makes and that YOU are the prize – the golden pot at the end of the rainbow.

As for anyone looking to get into the cannabis industry or move differently, the main thing is to lean into what you enjoy and help to solve problems for businesses or buyers. Get familiar with the culture of cannabis and consider sub-niches where your interests overlap. Visual communication is Alaina’s jam and she doesn’t see any illustration/visual art projects really taking off or making an impact in the cannabis industry.  This is why she is set on making her mark and fulfilling the education gaps.

She has learned, through her role models, to bring empathy, passion and her own uniqueness to marketing by studying the market and creating magic for her clients.

Learn more about Alaina’s work through her website: 

Alaina Dorsey

Health insurance as a freelance illustrator

Health insurance, according to Alaina, is a hot ass mess in the United States. She believes that her health shouldn’t be determined by how much money she has. 

Here’s what she had to say about working with me: “It was incredibly easy to work with Dr. Noor! She’s very direct and helped me not to have to think too much about this process.”

Alaina Dorsey, Creative Strategist on health insurance

Have you just transitioned from a W2 to a 1099 role as a small business owner?

Had no clients and then all of a sudden have more work than you can keep up with? 

Don’t let health insurance be an afterthought. Thinking about it but not sure how much a healthcare plan will cost? Want to know the best health insurance plan for you?

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