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On Accepting Failures & Learning From My Favorite Mistakes

by | Oct 19, 2021 | Articles, Podcasts | 0 comments

I came across Mark’s show when I was seeking platforms that talked about failures and celebrated mistakes. Often in entrepreneurship and social media, we see celebration of successes and not enough about the failures that contributed to that success.

In this episode of “My favorite Mistake” Mark and I talk about:

  • My favorite mistake: Not knowing how to write a resume
  • Challenges of professional career translation, more specifically struggles of foreign physicians when they come to live and work in USA
  • Mistakes that people make when it comes to health insurance
  • Opportunities for improvement in the U.S. Health System
  • Common mistakes that individuals or small companies make when it comes to shopping insurance or choosing insurance plans and what most frequent things must people try to avoid
  • Importance of being a champion for women who are interested in science and pursuing this in different ages
  • Who says it’s a mistake to “want it all” as a professional woman. It’s attainable!

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