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3 Tips for Human Resources to Get Health Insurance Plans for Remote Employees

by | May 19, 2022 | Health Insurance, Articles | 0 comments

Do you work in human resources? You know, the most important core sector in any high-functioning company.

Does your company, or the clients you work for, employ people on a remote working arrangement?

Do you struggle with figuring out health insurance for remote employees?

Then this article is for you!

We’ve heard this time and time again. Covid-19 and the ensuing global pandemic created major disruption (and arguably, creative efficiencies) to the way we work. Sure, remote working wasn’t unbeknownst to us but the pandemic sure accelerated getting all of us used to (or forced to, depending on how you view it) working from home. Ahem, working parents developed a new mutation, am I right?

Whether you’re new to the remote working arrangement or have done this before, I know this for sure – getting health insurance plans for remote employees is still not the easiest thing to do. In fact, it may be the single most daunting task in your business. 

I do, however, have three points for you, as a human resource or hiring manager, to consider when discussing health insurance options for your organization or for any small business owners you work with:

Ask Questions

Let’s not start a new relationship with assumptions.

Ask your employee what benefits they want. Seriously, just ask!

In my experience, everyone is happier when they just get what they want. When considering offering your employee(s) health insurance, start with a conversation about what is important for them to be covered? Are they planning to have a baby soon? Is there a big surgery on the horizon?

After understanding their coverage concerns, work with a health insurance advisor like myself to research available options and build that plan. 

This helps to retain talent (your employee will LOVE you for giving them the health insurance benefits they actually want) and save money for the employer’s healthcare expenses.

Do the Math

Ergh, math.

But it needs to be done. The pertinent question you should be asking is if it’s more cost effective to offer a percentage towards premium or a fixed stipend?

Work with your bookkeeping or accounting professional to first understand how much you can afford to contribute towards an employee’s benefits. If you’re a human resource freelancer and help small businesses, arrange a meeting with the people who can help share some crucial numbers with you. If you work for an internal human resources department, then this should be easier to pull out!

Once you have a good idea, work with a health insurance advisor to find the most valuable health insurance benefits for that budget.

Don’t Wait

I work with businesses of all sizes. Some are still new, others are already growing.

My tip here is that you don’t have to offer health benefits until you’re ready. Conversely, you don’t have to wait until you’re ready either! 

If your team is under 50, you don’t have to offer health benefits until you are ready to do so. If you want to reward your team without necessarily contributing to their premium, connect them to a health insurance advisor to research and set up their own benefits.

Offering quality connections and resources can be just as good as offering the benefit itself.

Make the right choice and make it now.

Let me know how I can help.

Not sure where to start with your health insurance for your the clients/employees you work with? Let a professional guide you with the best options. Book a 15-minute health insurance consultation with me today. 

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