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My Story On Being My Most Vulnerable Self on The Rex Andrew Show

by | Mar 16, 2021 | Articles, Podcasts | 0 comments

I met Rex through a podcast matching platform and was instantly fascinated by his wide range of guests. I felt intrigued about his rapid rise to the top 10% of growing podcasts, GLOBALLY. I mean, wow…

I was not sure what to expect, but in this episode, I found myself being the most vulnerable I have ever been on a speaking engagement.

After the episode taping… I felt confused. 

What happened there?

I had such a wonderful, flexible free flowing conversation and yet, Rex was able to bring out all my insecurities, my darkness and my path to my career that was born out of painful failure … how did he do that?

In this episode, Rex Andrew and I talk about:

  • A New York slice
  • My story, going from an immigrant inner city NYC kid to medical school in rural Bangladesh to a thriving career in entrepreneurship
  • What my life looks like now versus what it would have looked like as a medical practitioner in USA
  • The light and the dark side and how I straddle the two
  • Doctor subscription plans or DPC
  • Not just an insurance peddler, but you actually have the “heart of a doctor”.
  • Medicare for All and what it really means for Americans

If you enjoyed listening to this episode, schedule a chat with me to discuss your health insurance needs.

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